Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello Lovelys:)

Hello my lovely........followers....that I don't have..<3 Haha,  I have more photos for you. They aren't the best, but I am still a young sapling who still needs to turn into a tree. Haha:) Anyway I am still proud of my work even if it isn't the best :) Thanks:)

A dog named 'Abby'

Baby Brother 'Aden'

Blowing away 'Liquid Marbles'

'Orange Rose' blooming in spring air.

'Flowers' Blooming preacefully in warm air.

'Grass' and a young girl enjoying warm weather.
A 'Lady Bug' climbs up a green leaf.

Liquid marble in 'the hands' of a friend.

A 'Beautfiul sunset' takes place in a backyard.

A young girls 'Eyes' are intense and focused.

'Tree Branches' Sway in the wind on a clouded winter day.

A 'Beach house' sits on a sunny cliff.